Ditch DIY – Why Smart Tradies value professional Graphic Design and Marketing

Long gone are the days when a tradesperson could rely on a Yellow Pages ad and a few notices in local classifieds to attract business. Like any other businessperson, successful tradies understand the need to present a professional image.

The ‘do-it-yourself’ approach won’t get the results you’re after. You can’t rely on a cut-price logo bought from an online site; a business card design that looks like everyone else’s; and a website scraped together from a brochure and a few stock photos.

In Geelong, there are over 4,300 businesses registered in the construction industry alone. Therefore, tradespeople who recognise the importance of image, reputation and being customer-focused will get the work.

So let’s take a look at what Tradies need to do to step up their marketing game.


A strong and unique logo is what you need to set yourself apart from the competition. Your logo should be fit-for-purpose.

Designing a tradies’ logo requires an understanding of how it will be used. Not just on business cards and websites but how will it appear on vehicle signage and uniforms. Will it stand out enough and be easy to recognise? Will it help people understand what your business is about?

Graphic Design for Trades Geelong - GreenSpace Gardens


Business card

Even in an age of mobiles and apps, a business card still has a place in the tradies’ marketing arsenal. The card has to provide all the right information for when someone needs to call on your services. Not just a mobile number but other details so customers know they are contacting the right person for the job.

Graphic Design for Trades Geelong - Josie's Transport Group business card

Graphic Design for Trades Geelong - Geelongair business cards


A tradesperson cannot get away without having a website. Your website is just as important as your business card. It is how people find you or, if you’ve been recommended to someone, how they will know you are the tradie they need.

Therefore, you want your site to look professional and designed to create trust and confidence. It needs to include all the information a customer is looking for.

Graphic design for tradies - website designGraphic Design for Tradies - website design

Social media

Like your website, social media is another vital tool in your marketing toolbox. However, get the right advice on which social media is best for your industry and what you need to post to keep customers onside.

Graphic design for tradespeople Geelong - social media design

Vehicle Signage

Good vehicle signage is one of the most important parts of your marketing. Professionally designed and produced vehicle signage is a must.  A small sticker on a side door won’t do. The design of your signage needs to consider the vehicle’s make, model and colour for it to work.

Graphic design for trades Geelong - Gordon McKay vehicle signage

Graphic design for Trades Geelong - Josie's Transport Group vehicle signage


Brand Style Guide

Like you, your graphic designer wants to ensure their work offers the best solution for clients and avoids ongoing issues. That’s why good graphic designers also provide you with a Brand Style Guide.  This guide is a reference for when you need other marketing or promotional materials created. It provides direction on how to use your logo and brand artwork to maintain the professional image you have worked hard to achieve.


Brand design for trades Geelong - The Small Plumbing Co

Brand design for Trades Geelong - Coastal Bin Hire