Logo Design, Geelong

Your logo is the most important visual branding element for your business. Everything stems from your logo design – colours for a website, fonts for a brochure, inspiration for illustration. If we put the elements that make up visual branding into a pyramid, we’d put logos at the top. A logo is like a face for your business, instantly recognisable and one of a kind. Martlette specialises in logo design in the Geelong area, working with businesses and organisations of all sizes to produce a brand identity.

Our experienced logo designer will work with you to create a logo design for your business that’s sure to impress. We work with all kinds of industries and businesses when it comes to business logo design, including large organisations, not-for-profits, small businesses or start-ups.

Trying to choose a Geelong graphic designer to design your logo? Martlette has as a reliable, professional and personable presence on the Geelong graphic design scene. As well as logos, Martlette does display and signage designs, too. Please don’t hesitate to contact Martlette if you would like to chat about graphic design in Geelong.

Don’t worry if you are not in the Geelong region, Martlette welcomes logo design projects from just about anywhere and we have worked with clients from interstate and overseas! With today’s technology, there is sure to an appropriate communication tool to suit your needs.