Valerie’s Pantry

We are always so happy to be working with the team at Valerie’s Pantry and not just because they are around the corner from the Martlette studio!

Valerie’s Pantry is stocked with an incredible selection of bulk wholefoods, liquids + spices and fresh local produce, pantry essentials, and non toxic and chemical free home and body products. Valerie’s pantry are passionate about celebrating the community it serves, good food, the environment and being a store you feel good about! What’s not to love!

When it came to designing their logo, we were inspired by the old fashioned focus on customer service and products that do us good.  The store is named after the owner’s grandmother, so the logo needed to pay respect to a woman whose passion for life has inspired the launch of Valerie’s Pantry and all that it believes in.

The Valerie’s Pantry logo has been designed to celebrate the ‘old fashioned’ style and focus on natural and wholesome products of the store.  The vintage green has been inspired by some of the old decor of the store building and to give the feeling of freshness and light. The herb illustration gives a hint of what is in store and supports the vintage pantry feeling that the logo inspires.  The logo is supported by its strong and authentic tagline “thoughtfully chosen wholefoods” – which sums up the store perfectly.

Martlette has recently completed eye-catching window artwork for Valerie’s Pantry, ensuring that it’s a stand out store on busy High Street, Geelong. This design now features on their delivery vehicle and a range of promotional and stationery items to really bring their brand to life!

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