Graphic design, Geelong

Borough of Queenscliffe Annual Report 2019 Graphic Design, Queenslcliff

Your local Geelong graphic designer and artist, helping your brand emerge from the crowd.

As your creative partner, I will be collaborating with you and investing in our relationship, towards ultimate goal of transforming your brand asset designs into something you can stand beside (with your chest puffed out) in pride! Listening to what you need is my super-power, ensuring I am as strategic, as I am creative for your brand.

As a Graphic Designer, I am working on all manner of designs every day that help my clients promote events, products and services across a range of digital platforms (eg. websites, social media and digital advertising ), in addition to a range of print mediums (eg. brochures, stationery, packaging and signage). Whether you have your visual brand established or if you would work with me on this too, I would love to chat with you about your graphic design project and get your message in front of your target audience in an engaging and meaningful manner.

Hiring a graphic designer can be nerve-racking; what if you don’t like their style? What if they don’t like your existing branding? What if they don’t understand your business? Martlette loves answering your ‘what if’ questions and putting your mind at ease, because hiring a graphic designer shouldn’t cause a headache. We work closely with you to learn about your business, organisation or institution and happily incorporate existing branding into new collateral. The end result isn’t about personal taste, it’s about what resonates with your audience! And that’s exactly what we work to achieve.

A graphic artist wants to tell your story, using images, text, colour and texture. Martlette will stop at nothing to ensure we tell your story right, even offering custom illustration and annual report design to round out our services.

Graphic design is powerful for start-up businesses, big brands and small businesses alike. Every organisation can benefit from professional graphic design. Martlette has proudly worked with many businesses on their brand design needs in Geelong, including logo design.

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