Social Media Design, Geelong

Martlette is an expert at providing social media design for Geelong businesses. From logo and thumbnail design to banner design and graphics to use on your timeline, all your profile and posting needs will be covered with clever graphics!

Social media is meant to be ‘easy’, right? Not always. The profile picture is square, the banner image is rectangular, and many of the different social media profiles require different dimensions for each. YouTube’s channel art is ridiculously long and skinny while Twitter’s cover image is incredibly deep. How do you work with so many different sizes, ensuring your business not only has a presence, but looks professional and stands out from the crowd?

Martlette will save the day when it comes to social media design in Geelong. We will ensure your logo works with the space allowed, while creating visually compelling cover images for your profiles. We know when it comes to posting, sometimes you just need ‘something’. Interchangeable branded templates which are suitable for overlaying with images or text will help you stay on top of your social media posting. Turn to your templates when you’re lacking inspiration but need to get something out there!

If you have specific ideas, please talk to us. We’d love to create something truly inspiring for your social media profiles. Martlette also specialises in website design for Geelong businesses, completing your digital presence with experience and expertise.