How to Sell an Island

There are numerous benefits when working as an independent graphic design company. Among those, is the opportunity to expand your horizons both figuratively and literally. One such amazing opportunity came our way in 2017 when we and our friends at Ondetto Web Design were invited to work alongside several organisations on King Island to improve their branding and online presence.

Two years on, we are still working with many of these organisations and we have checked in with a couple of those clients to make sure all was still going well.

A green jewel in Bass Strait

Situated approximately halfway between Victoria and Tasmania, King Island is home to less than two thousand people and at least 35 thousand cows. It’s renowned for its prime beef and delicious cheeses (yes, those ones you can now buy in your local supermarket).  While the entire landmass of the island could easily fit into Port Philip, King Island has so much to offer.

Therefore, the local Council and other community leaders understood the need to develop a plan to attract a more diversified and larger cohort of visitors and investors. Martlette and Ondetto then set to work on creating a refreshed look for their brands and websites.

King Island Council logo - Graphic Design

Merging the past and present

Emma Little – Culture and Communications Manager at King Island Council – said the new branding and website had been well-received and had taken the organisation to a new level.

“Our existing brand didn’t articulate our organisation – who we are as an organisation … the Council website is beautiful. We know it is not a tourism site but it can still be relevant to visitors.”

And for Emma, the decision to re-adopt but modernise the Council’s original Coat of Arms  was a bold but rewarding move providing an opportunity to reference the island’s history while recognising the community’s economic drivers.

“King Island is at a point where it has to stand up and be taken seriously.”

Similarly, Discover King Island Director Mark Goode, sees the work we did for his organisation as developing a fresh and engaging image for attracting new visitors.

“We are trying to create King Island as a destination you can enjoy the island experience on … We do a lot of relationship building and the brand is part of that package.”

“It’s like the label for a bottle of wine.”

Discover King Island logo - Graphic Design

Next steps

The new branding is just the start and the style guide we have developed for Council will offer a strong basis for the next stages of the project which include new signage.

“The style guide gives us a good foundation when dealing with other providers, knowing what we get back is what we want for the organisation.”

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