Email Newsletter Design, Geelong

Who said email marketing was easy? Convenient, targeted, effective – yes. Easy – not necessarily. Thankfully, Martlette is here to ensure your email marketing campaigns exceed expectations and deliver results, taking the headache out of your monthly, quarterly and annual online publications. This starts with the e-Newsletter template design Geelong businesses need to send attractive and effective campaigns.

We are visually driven, ensuring your e-Newsletters are easy to read, easy to absorb and better yet, inspiring! Email marketing campaigns, email templates, e-Newsletters – they seem to have many names, but one thing remains the same: bulk email should be informative and visually impactful.

How many emails hit your inbox each day, week, month? Hundreds, thousands? Sorting through emails and information can be a bland task. Thus, it’s important when you send an e-Newsletter that you consider the visual element, and don’t just dump text and links onto a page.

Martlette specialises in e-Newsletter template design for Geelong businesses. We can design one branded template or many, depending on your needs and budget. Some businesses, like retail, like to have seasonal templates set up and branded. Whether you want a template for Christmas, Easter and other notable holidays, Martlette will deliver the templates you need to effectively communicate with your audience year-round.

Part of our digital service encompasses social media design in Geelong, too. Please enquire today and turn your bulk email efforts into successful campaigns.