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True colours

2 July 2019

Graphic Designer and Logo Designer Geelong

Good colour management is vital to creating consistent designs and materials for your business. But getting the right colour will depend on what colour system you are using, what printing method is used, what stock you are printing on and whether your materials will be viewed online or in hard copy.

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Choosing the Right Images for Your Website

2 May 2019 Choosing images for your website - graphic design Geelong

Selecting the right images for your website is a must. That’s why it’s important to set aside time and money to ensure you make suitable choices.

Like a shopfront, your website can be the first point of contact between your business and a potential customer or client. Making a good impression from the beginning is essential.

It goes without saying, photos or graphics used on your site should be of high standard and look professional. Don’t try saving money by taking photos yourself or creating your own graphics unless you have excellent camera skills and a creative eye.

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I bought it. I own it. Right?

15 February 2019

Sure you can go to your local store and buy a loaf of bread, bring it home and make what ever sandwiches you like with it.  After all, it’s your loaf of bread.

But when purchasing artwork and designs from your graphic designer, you may not be aware of the level of ownership you actually have over what you have purchased or what your are legally permitted to do with it.

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Graphic designer process in Geelong

30 November 2018

Quality graphic design can help a business soar. But what should you expect when you work with a graphic designer in Geelong?

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What’s the difference between a JPG and PNG?

15 November 2018

There are so many different file types out there and we know it can be difficult to understand the difference.  Which one do you use?  Which is the best file type to use and where?  Surely there is not much difference between a JPG, GIF, TIFF, PNG and EPS?

Well there is a difference and if you’re not sure and you select the wrong file format for your images or logo, you will end up with a less than perfect result for your small business. And remember, first impressions count!  So if your logo or images look fuzzy and unclear, chances are that this will reflect poorly in the eyes of your audience.

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