Case Study – Brand identity design: Endeavour Wool Exports

Right from the first meeting with Endeavour Wool Exports, I knew that this brand visual identity design project was going to be a lot of fun!

Our first discussions involved a candid discussion about the existing visual brand for the company – designed quickly and on the run as business rapidly expanded to be Australia’s second largest exporter of Australian wool. The way the company was visually represented through it’s brand, no longer communicated who they truly were to their customers and stakeholders.  It was time for a re-brand.

Endeavour Wool Exports boasts an extensive growers network throughout Victoria, NSW and South Australia.  Their client base consists of select early stage processors in China, Italy, Japan and India looking for consistent deliveries of quality Australian wool. With a focus on connecting growers of quality Australian wool with discerning international clients, the new brand design needed to communicate to a broad audience through bold simplicity.

Working with both agricultural and international textile companies, the new brand design for Endeavour Wool Exports had to speak to two very different audiences about its strong values and high standards of service delivery.

The briefing process was an exciting stage of the brand design, as we explored possibilities for visual style, iconography, type and colour palette.

The final brand and logo artwork provides an abstract and strong representation of wool, together with a strong and confident type. The new colour palette, builds on the greens used in the old brand and logo design, to ensure continued recognition among clients and professional networks of Endeavour Wool Exports.

Following the logo design, I worked with Endeavour Wool Exports on the design of business cards, large box bins for Wool Trade events and auctions, their Wool Classer order books, magazine print advertisement, Semi Trailer truck curtains and their new website.

Endeavour Wool Exports Brand Design

Endeavour Wool Exports Brand Design

Endeavour Wool Exports Packaging Design

Endeavour Wool Exports Magazine Advertising Design

Ewepost-Endeavour Wool Exports Business Card Design