UI Design vs UX Design

Put simply – UI is all about the visual parts of a design, including colour, navigation, graphics and visual style. UX on the other hand, focuses on how a user interacts and relates to a product.  Both UI and UX Design are crucial to designing successful and user-friendly digital outcomes.

UI Design (User Interface Design), focuses on the design of visual elements and interactive artwork applied to an overall digital output. UI designers are like visual designers who design the layout using colours, typography, artwork, illustrations and imagery to visually appeal to the target audience and ensure that the design considers ease of use and brand consistency.

UX Design (User Experience Design), focuses on designing a meaningful experience for users when they interact with a product. UX designers research and analyse user behaviour to understand their needs and pain points. They then use this knowledge to design user flows, wireframes, and prototypes that ensure the product is intuitive, efficient, and meets user expectations.

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