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How to select the best logo – from your Geelong Logo Designer

15 October 2019

Following an in depth creative briefing process with our clients, we are always excited to present  a selection of initial logo design concepts to a client for the first time.  The initial feedback we receive is often the most valuable conversation we have in the development of a logo design, as it can identify what the client wants and doesn’t want.

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A Geelong Graphic Designer’s guide to file types

2 October 2019

There are so many different types of image files, each designed for the purpose they are destined for.

File types can be identified by their file name extension. This is the group of letters that appear after the full stop in a file name. For example yourlogo.jpg

The file type extension has been determined by the creator of the image and cannot be changed simply by typing a new extension.

A file type extension can only be changed if it is re-saved or exported as a specific file type via an appropriate computer software program.

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Your guide to a well-designed event

2 September 2019 Your guide to a well-designed event

Martlette is thrilled to have been involved in helping create a buzz around many local events over the past few years.  Creating a look and image for an event allows us to unleash our creativity and discover what ideas and activities work best.

Here’s a few things we’ve learnt along the way.

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What is a call to action?

28 August 2019

As your graphic designer, a ‘call to action’ is a way of encouraging your audience (for example: someone reading your brochure, advertisement or visiting your website) to take a specific course of action based on your direct recommendation.  This might be a “call now” line of text next to your phone number. Or perhaps your call to action is a “get a free quote” if would like people to email you for a quotation.

Encouraging prospective customers to undertake some kind of action as a result of seeing a recommendation on your collateral gives your designed marketing collateral a huge power boost!

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The Ultimate Christmas Marketing Checklist for Businesses

2 August 2019 The Ultimate Christmas Marketing Checklist for Businesses

Santa isn’t the only one who has to pull his boots on in the middle of the year and start planning for Christmas. If you own or manage a business, now is the time to begin work on your Christmas marketing campaign.

It’s an important event in your yearly marketing calendar and one that can deliver a swag of benefits – if you do it right.  Pre-planning is the key but it can get overwhelming, unless you follow some simple steps.

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