Your EDM and Email Template Designer in Geelong

You’ve heard that your best source of new business is in your loyal, existing customer base.  And your business has most likely collected your customer contact details and email addresses.  All you need now is an eye catching, show stopping EDM or email template design and you are ready to get your marketing messages into your customer’s email inboxes!

Sending your clients an email is a low cost, time saving and high impact way to get your products and services in front of a captive audience and like social media, is completely sharable. You can link to your online store, invite people to sign up for more information or simply share your knowledge with your clients as a free offering.

Here are Martlette, we are big fans of Mail Chimp as an easy to use email service platform. There are plenty more out there too and some (like Mail Chimp) offer free accounts for small business users. Most platforms offer analytics so that you can see who opened your email, when they opened it and what they clicked on – making it easy peasy to keep improving your approach to email marketing in your industry into the future.

At Martlette, we are well experienced in the design of email templates across a range of email service platforms and can design customised templates that are consistent with your visual brand, incorporating your logo, colour palette, imagery and written content.

Tips for targeting your message

When deciding what you want to say in your email, think about what action you would like your customers to make. Do you want them to purchase from your online store, visit your physical store location, sign up for an event or do you just want to build relationships with your clients?

The following are a few ideas for your next email campaign message:

  • Product or seasonal sales and offers
  • Product or service launch
  • Moving location or updates to your online store
  • Re-order specials
  • Reminders at particular times of the year
  • Latest news about products and services
  • Your community service involvement
  • Welcome to new customers
  • Case studies and testimonials
  • Free advice and industry tips
  • Special events

Get in touch with Martlette today to get your email marketing templates designed for success!