Amanda Blake Art

Inspired by a very deep appreciation of nature Amanda Blake Art is a talented Geelong based artist, born in Stawell, a small country Victorian town and was strongly influenced by the natural beauty of the Grampians National Park. Amanda’s work is varied and diverse, and highlights her deep appreciation of nature. Botanical artwork and Australian bushscapes blend effortlessly with drypoint etchings. All of Amanda’s work has a clarity and sharpness that intenisfies the realism, with a distinctive contemporary feel.

I have been both privileged and inspired to work with Amanda to create her brand identity for the promotion of her work on social media, online and for gallery exhibitions.

Using Amanda’s already delicately hand written signature, snippets of original artwork have been selected to create seasonal brand marks for her communication and promotional materials.  Amanda’s brand has been designed to highlight her artwork style and communicating her strong passion for gardening and her natural surroundings.

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