How to select the best logo – from your Geelong Logo Designer

Following an in depth creative briefing process with our clients, we are always excited to present  a selection of initial logo design concepts to a client for the first time.  The initial feedback we receive is often the most valuable conversation we have in the development of a logo design, as it can identify what the client wants and doesn’t want.

Martlette Graphic Design is experienced with bringing client ideas and feedback to the drawing board and creating meaningful designs that speak to our client’s target audience and represent who they are and what they do.  Whether they are a local client in Geelong, Torquay or Ocean Grove or a business that we are working remotely with from interstate or overseas, we know how to get our client ideas floating to the top and translated into a visual representation for their business

Analysing the initial concepts

Once you receive your initial logo design concepts you will immediately have a feeling for the design that has instant appeal. The one that instantly grabs your attention and speaks louder than the rest.  This is a sign of a well designed logo, but do not disregard the other concepts yet.

If there are more than one logo that grabs your attention and appeals to your eye, its then time to take notice of the detail and deeper meaning of the way the logo has been designed.  Can you notice elements that visually describe what you do or how you do it?  Are there elements that you were looking to communicate a particular message that really do the job well?  The more you look at the logos that appeal to you, the more you will favour one of them as being the logo design that can make a lasting impression.


You may have strong feelings either against or in support of some of the initial logo concept designs that your graphic designer presents to you.  Sometimes its hard to put your finger on why you don’t like something or what you love about another design.  But don’t ignore that feeling.  The reason may come to you after a bit of consideration time.


It’s important to remember that the logo that you select must be something that you can be proud of and visually represents you and your business.  It should make an instant and memorable impact on the people that see it.

In it for the long run

First impressions are always important, but your logo also needs to stand the test of time. Your logo design should surpass trends and styles that will quickly outdate.  Ask yourself if you see your logo still being relevant in 3-5 years time?

The unique message behind your logo design is key to its longevity.  If your logo speaks about what you do and how you do it in a way that is engaging and clever, chances are it will always be relevant and appealing to your audience.  Something that simply “looks good” will mostly likely date and confuse prospective clients as they try to figure out what is unique about you.

What do others think?

It is very tempting to show your initial concepts around to your friends and family and ask for their opinion.  After all, these are the people that care about you the most. But if they have not been involved in the creative briefing process with your graphic designer or spoken with you about what message you wanted to convey through your logo design, then their feedback may only cloud your judgement and confuse your graphic designer.

Asking people who you trust, who have a particular interest in your business can be a wonderful help in selecting the logo that you like best.  They may think of things that you did not think about or talk with your graphic designer about, which can be a great source of insight.  It is sometimes useful to involve one or two of these people in the logo briefing process so that the graphic designer is presented with ideas that have been thoroughly ‘workshopped’.

However, be mindful to take all feedback and opinions as just that.  Feedback and opinions.  Much of what you will hear will be personal preferences and may not be focused on the results you and your business are working towards.

Feedback to your graphic designer

It is important for you to remember that your feedback to your graphic designer is never taken as a personal insult. We have very broad shoulders and actually enjoy the feedback process. Graphic designers are professionally trained to listen to you and translate your thoughts into refinements or changes to the initial logo designs already presented to you.

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