Your guide to a well-designed event

Martlette is thrilled to have been involved in helping create a buzz around many local events over the past few years.  Creating a look and image for an event allows us to unleash our creativity and discover what ideas and activities work best.

Here’s a few things we’ve learnt along the way.

Understand the goals

Not all events are the same. An event can be a fundraiser, launch or opening, networking opportunity, presentation, announcement or celebration. Therefore, you firstly need to clearly know what you want to achieve from the occasion. And it’s not only the results you’re seeking from the event itself but also the long-term outcomes for you or your organisation.

Know your audience

Ensure you understand the interests and needs of the people who will be attending. Is it aimed at a specific age group, professional sector or people with a shared interest? Will it be an invite-only event or an event open for anyone to attend? Will it be free or is there a ticket cost? All this needs to be identified before briefing your graphic designer.

Prepare a promotional plan

Your graphic designer needs to know in advance how much money you intend spending on advertising and/or promoting your event. Promotional tools include print media or online ads; posters; flyers; social media tiles and ads; invitations and tickets. Which ones you choose will depend on your budget and who you hope will attend the event. Develop a consistent and clear message for your promotions and choose images and colour schemes which appropriately reflect the purpose and tone of the event.

Create a memorable occasion

Graphic design for your event extends to materials at the event itself. These can be name tags; packaging for giveaways; reports; magazines; banners or flags. They are used to help tie the theme and messaging for the occasion. Ensure these materials continue the design and style you established in the promotional campaign.

Don’t forget your post-event campaign

Make sure you retain the interest and support of those who came along to your event.  Ask your graphic designer to create and print thank you cards or letters to show your appreciation. Small gestures like this can help encourage people to come along to your next event.