What is a call to action?

As your graphic designer, a ‘call to action’ is a way of encouraging your audience (for example: someone reading your brochure, advertisement or visiting your website) to take a specific course of action based on your direct recommendation.  This might be a “call now” line of text next to your phone number. Or perhaps your call to action is a “get a free quote” if would like people to email you for a quotation.

Encouraging prospective customers to undertake some kind of action as a result of seeing a recommendation on your collateral gives your designed marketing collateral a huge power boost!

When Martlette is designing your website, advertisement or brochure for you, we will ask you “what do you want the reader to do when they see your ad/website/brochure.  Do you want them to call you, email you, ask for a quote, refer you to a friend or sign up for your newsletter.  Your answer to this question is important and will guide in ensuring the design solution does its job.

Through visually captivating design, we make sure your “call to action” is noticed!

Sounds simple doesn’t it?  But all too often we see ‘call to action’ messages lost in cluttered designs or simply not given priority in the overall design, leaving your key message essentially lost to the viewer. Using contrasting colours from your brand colour palette and large fonts in areas where the eye will naturally start when scanning over a website or printed page is a great way to start.  Our graphic designers know just how much flair to add to a call to action to ensure that your message grabs the attention of your reader.

Check out some of our recent design work to see how our client’s are getting their key messages noticed!  And of course, if you have a question or would like to discuss your next design project with us, we would love to hear from you! Get in touch with us today!