First impressions always last….

Turn your annual report into a great first impression

To make a winning first impression for your organisation, your annual report is a great opportunity to do so and should be a key part of your overall marketing plan.

It will soon be that time of year again, so consider your annual report like you would any other form of marketing for your organisation. Don’t leave this comprehensive report until the last minute and do a rushed job, as it may be reflected in the final product.

Whilst there are strict regulatory and compliance requirements your report needs to work within, it doesn’t mean it needs to be another boring legal document. It’s a great way to let people know of your organisation’s activities throughout the preceding year and where you’re headed.

Your Annual Report should give your key audience and stakeholders information about your achievements and financial performances as well as a detailed look at your vision for the future.

The benefits aren’t just external when its done right. Your annual report can help build morale and keep your organisation focused by giving you a public platform for thanking the people who’ve contributed to your success over the past 12 months. So a well-thought out, well-written and professionally designed annual report is a must.

A professionally designed Annual Report significantly increases the likelihood of being read and provides a strong sense of professionalism to the content. When designing Annual Reports for our clients, Martlette focuses on clearly and persuasively communicating themes such as business performance, trust, strength and innovation through the design of graphics and placement of images. Your organisation will benefit from more than ample return on the investment made in having a graphic designer like Martlette professionally design your annual report.

Yearly, many organisations are required to produce an annual report. This is a great opportunity to use this report as a powerful brand communication tool. More than creatively photographed images, pie charts and figures, annual reports are a story of the highlights and achievements of a company. They should clearly communicate business performance and should support the company’s brand and make a summarising statement about where the company stands. They require attention to detail and clean, concise design that will bring your company’s message and story to life without confusion.

Each year Martlette works on annual report designs for our clients and our focus is, as always, about how brand can be infused into the communication to make it valuable and engaging for all investors. Martlette will take the time to understand your company and its story, to deliver your report on time and budget to help you ensure your annual report stands out.

Being an eco-friendly company doesn’t mean that you should hesitant to produce a printed annual report. We can create an annual report design that uses recycled paper stock whilst maintaining green stance. Martlette is also capable of creating user-friendly annual reports for online download and viewing. Environmental accreditation can be printed on your annual report so that you and your investors can be confident your annual report is produced in an environmentally sensitive way.

Do you have other regulatory or business documents that need a unique touch? Contact Martlette for a consultation regarding what we can do for you.