How to choose the perfect Graphic Designer for your Geelong business

Finding the perfect Graphic Designer can feel overwhelming, especially when there are so many Graphic Designers in Geelong to choose from and all with such diverse backgrounds and skills.

Achieving a strong fit between your business and your graphic designer can make all the difference to the design of your visual brand and collateral.

Here are our top 10 tips for finding a perfect fit between your business and your graphic designer:

1. Get your story down on paper.

Before diving right into a google search for Graphic Designers in Geelong, start off by collecting and writing down your thoughts and goals for your business. Try not to focus on yourself and think more about your business brand, personality and needs of your business.

  • What are your budget limitations?
  • What kind of timeframe do you need the creative work completed by?
  • Who are your key business audiences? Describe them.
  • How would you like people to feel when they see and experience your brand?
  • How would you describe the ‘style’ of your business?

2. Ask around.

If you have established a network of trusted business colleagues who have had their business visual brand professionally designed, why not ask them who they have used?  By asking around, you will receive honest and reliable information about a range of graphic designers and how well they have performed.  Be sure to take your notes and reference these in your discussion to establish how each graphic designer stacks up to your expectations and needs.

3. What do others say?

More often than not, most Graphic Designers will also have their own Facebook page and Google listing, where clients have taken the time to rate and review their work.  A quick google search will reveal some useful client testimonials and reviews that will help you make your choice.

4. Qualified or not?

It is important to find out if a graphic designer is qualified or if they have completed any formal education and training in the field of graphic design.  It is not enough to have simply completed a short course in photoshop.  Graphic designers who have been formally trained will understand the theoretical principles of design and will understand what it takes to translate and present your brand to your key audience.

5. Look at examples of work.

Almost all Graphic Designers will have some sort of portfolio available for prospective clients to view.  Taking a look through a portfolio will give you an idea of design style, design experience and their ability to visually communicate key messages and brand identity for clients.

6. The process.

A well-executed project always comes down to a clearly communicated process. Find out what the process will be and how you will be kept updated on the progress of your project.  You should be able to ask what timeframes can be expected for particular design projects and what the final deliverable will be.  The perfect graphic designer for your business should be a great communicator and be committed to keeping your project on track and within the agreed budget

7. Relationship – local or remote?

If you are a business who is committed to local procurement or if you prefer to establish a personal/face-to-face relationship, then you should search your local geographic area for a Graphic Designer that operates close to your business.  These days, many Graphic Designers are well adapted to working remotely and work with clients who they only ever meet via skype video conferencing, over the phone or simply via email.  Our advice to businesses looking at working remotely with a Graphic Designer, is to make sure they are able to outline their processes for keeping you informed of progress and how they will communicate with you throughout the duration of your project

8. How much will it cost?

Graphic design fees are often one of the main points for consideration when it comes to choosing a designer, but it most certainly shouldn’t be. We know that quality graphic design does cost money and like any specifically skilled profession, the cost accounts for both the graphic designer’s experience and knowledge, as well as the time they spend on your project. A graphic designer with a lot of experience will cost more money initially, however you will save on costs and time in the long term. A less experienced graphic designer may take longer to capture a design that you are happy with, which may cost you more money and time. Ideally it is best to strike a balance between your budget and the quality you are expecting from your graphic designer. Most graphic designers will be more than happy to discuss your budget and what is possible within your budget limitations if needed.

9. Consider an initial trial project.

A great way to decide if a graphic designer is the right fit for your business is to engage them to work on a smaller project that may only require a few hours to complete. This could be anything from designing social media tiles for your upcoming business posts or a promotional poster. Ideally the project will showcase the talent of the graphic designer and give you first-hand experience of their processes, communication style and design capabilities.

10. Do you “Click”?

After meeting or speaking with a graphic designer, you should feel like your opinions and ideas are being heard. You’ll most likely get a gut-feeling of whether you are able to work with a graphic designer or not. The information that you share about your business is valuable inspiration to a graphic designer, so it is important that your business information is listened to in confidence and you are comfortable expressing your ideas, opinions, and rejections.

Having a good working relationship with your graphic designer is an important step to growing your business. Making your decision about which graphic designer suits your business best, should not be taken lightly. When hiring a graphic designer, you are looking for more than just a specific skill set. A graphic designer’s overall creativity and work style are just as important as their skills, if not more so. Following the above tips will help you establish healthy working relationship with your graphic designer for years to come.

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