Brand Yourself and Your Business with Photographs. Guest article by Sara Taylor Photography

The online environment today is a truly saturated marketplace.

‘Look here’, ‘do this’ , ‘click that’, ‘scroll here’ or ‘forward this!’

Businesses everywhere are now online. Today’s expectation is that you not only have to have a strong website but that you are well represented via social media also.

The question becomes not “are you online?” but “how are you making dam sure that your business is standing out online?”

The answer lies in the simple way in which our brains have been wired for eternity. The saying that a photograph is worth a thousand words is so much more applicable in today’s busy business environment.

Photographs must have priority before text.

Our brain processes photographs 60,000 times faster than text. Our brain is wired that way. In fact, 90 % of information transferred to the brain is visual with 70% of our overall sensory perception coming directly from our eyes.

It is a fact that the people engage with photographs more….sounds simple, doesn’t it? Pop a photo up with your post, or on your website and you are on your way – the customers will come flooding in – WRONG!

If the brain is processing photographs before text think about how crazy your brain must be going when you are pouring over webpages or social media content. It is a party in there! However, just like a party with too many drunk guests who get out of hand, so is the way your brain works when looking at the multitude of online images. It is commonly referred to as Brain Overload, and I dare say you have experienced it.

As a business marketer, our goal must be to ‘stop brain overload”. To stop potential clients from bouncing their eyes from one photograph to the next, from one page to the next. Engage them enough to hold their attention on our business and how we can service them.

We know that using photographs is the way to do this but to “stop the party” and engage potential clients, we must do more.

We must stand out, and we must be different from our competitors.

With nearly 5 billion people using mobile phones to take photographs worldwide and only a small percentage of them knowing how to create more than just an ‘iphone’ snap we have a brilliant opportunity to move beyond the norm.

Say ‘no’ to badly lit photographs with heads chopped off and crazy dogs running in the background.

Say ‘no’ to poor quality as a true presentation of your business. Why? Because first impressions count.

Say YES to standing out and dominating your competition!

If you value your business, your message and your brand and you want your business to stand out in an overly saturated environment then you MUST publish professional photographs.

You must stop the party with images that ‘pop’ that say to the world “stop scrolling and look at me… I am different, I am important!”.

Professional photographs can add enormous value to your brand and your business. A professional photographer will create images that connect with your ideal client and demonstrate your core business values. The authenticity that comes with showcasing amazing imagery will not only create touch points but put you in touch with your target market.

Images that are well lit, composed beautifully and show emotion are essential especially in todays saturated online environment.

They will elevate you as an expert in your field and make you stand out from the crowd. A professional photographer who can personalise your message and brand is worth their weight in gold.

Stop the party. Use professional photographs to raise your visual platform, place your brand at the fore front of visual marketing amongst your industry and create more business!

Sara is the owner of the award-winning business Sara Taylor Photography, based in Geelong. She specializes in family, wedding and corporate photography. Sara is passionate about business and blends her knowledge in this area with the creation of customised photographs to optimise reach for businesses.