Your Geelong graphic designer asks “Does your Logo Design need a refresh?”

If your business is considering a new website or polishing up some of your marketing collateral, we here at Martlette believe that this is the perfect time for you to consider a review of how well your logo and overall visual brand is performing.   A great logo can last over many years, but even the most iconic brands need a refreshed design sometimes.

So what is a logo refresh?

A logo refresh involves reviewing your current logo and visual brand elements and identifying the eliminates that no longer speak about your values or appear ‘out dated’. A logo design refresh also gives you the opportunity to build on the stronger and more recognisable elements of your visual brand and shine more light on them. Unlike a complete redesign of your logo, your business does not completely ‘give up’ on the current visual brand – but enhances it and brings out its strengths.

A logo refresh will often involve:

  • Modifying shapes and imagery associated with your logo design
  • Selecting a font/typeface that better represents your business
  • Removing unnecessary text elements
  • Removing effects and design elements that distract from your message
  • Adjusting and modifying colors
  • Changing the size, layout, or proportions of elements within your logo artwork

Ready for a logo design refresh?

Whether you are in Geelong or further afield, Martlette is can be trusted to work with you to refresh your brand and logo design and help it grow with your business into the future. Get in touch and we will happily take a look at your existing logo design, brand elements and marketing collateral to get a strong foundation of what makes your business unique and what your key messages are for your prospective and current clients.  The end result will be a logo with a refreshed look and feel, but that stays true to what makes you stand out from the crowd.