The story behind our name

Let me tell you a little bit about the Martlette business name. Perhaps you have heard of the martlet bird? Well, this little bird provided inspiration for the business name though I have claimed the French feminine verb ending of -ette to make this word my own.

At Martlette, your Graphic Designer in Geelong, its important to us that a logo design means much more that just a pretty picture.  All graphic design projects we create for our clients in Geelong and across Australia, are created as a result of compiling a detailed brief from our clients, conducting thorough industry research and exploring creative ways to communicate an authentic brand message.

The word “Martlette” is derived from the same origin as “house martin”, “swift” or “martlet” – a bird of the swallow family. The Martlette bird has a long history as a heraldic symbol, used in many English and French coats of arms and crests as far back as the early 1200’s.

Symbolically, the martlet bird is perceived as a swift messenger for someone prompt and ready for dispatch of their news. I believe that clear and effective design is one way to deliver such a message! Think of Martlette as that bird (or, to be specific, a Geelong graphic designer) ready and waiting to deliver your message. And when I say “message” that could mean a new website, logo, brochure, signage or any other design medium.

The Martlette logo had been the face of our busy Graphic Design studio since 2012. The heraldic Martlette is consistently drawn without feet, a perpetuation of the Medieval myth that the swallow never landed and was always in flight, representing one who has to subsist on the wings of his virtue and merit alone. If the feet are drawn, the symbol becomes a swallow, which is less common than the Martlette and representing spring and its role as the bearer of good news. The supposed inability of the Martlette to land is said by some to symbolise the constant quest for knowledge, learning, and adventure.

The Martlette bird is perceived as being swift and elegant, and is a device for someone prompt and ready in the dispatch of his business. The Martlette signifies nobility acquired through bravery, prowess or intelligence.

At Martlette Graphic Design, we believe that the Martlette bird continues to represent its quest for delivery of the very best messages, conveyed through engaging and authentic graphic design. Think of Martlette as that bird, ready and waiting to deliver your message. And when we say “message” that could mean a new website, logo, brochure, signage or any other design medium.

Feel free to get in touch regarding your design query, with any questions or just to say hello!