Yarra Street Quartermasters

Just as their name suggests, Yarra Street Quartermasters are centrally located on Geelong’s Yarra Street, serving takeaway coffee, a great range of wine, groceries and other associated items with the convenience of a drive through.  Martlette was engaged to design a unique ‘military’ style logo that celebrated the array of fine food and wines available, as well as the military background of its owner.

With an array of military badges and medals on hand, the Yarra Street Quartermasters logo was designed to meet a creative brief that asked for the look and feel of a military badge that paid homage to the military role of the Quartermaster – who in a time of conflict, is the one person within a military team, in charge of the stores of equipment, perishables and rations for everyone.  Essentially, if you needed something, the Quartermaster was your first port of call.  The logo design features two milatary swords crossed behind a decorative circle of olive leaves and a bunch of red wine grapes to communicate the types of produce available.  Similar to many badges and coats of arms, the logo also features the Latin phrase “Dire Pane, Al Pane. E Vino, Al Vino” which means “Bread is bread. Wine is wine”.  The phrase is traditionally used in place of well known phrases like “to call a spade a spade”.

Martlette continues to work closely with the Yarra Street Quartermasters and has designed a range of stationery, signage and online printed promotional materials.