Lorne Historical Society


The Lorne Historical Society is a non profit organisation dedicated to preserving the history and heritage of Lorne. The organisation was established in 1968 and its achievements are made possible by its volunteer members. The Lorne Historical Society is now seeking to establish a stronger community presence through the development of a fresh visual brand and a website, where its vast library of photographs and historical information can be accessed by the wider community. Martlette has been engaged to deliver graphic design services to achieve a strong visual brand for the Lorne Historical Society, through the design of a logo.


The Lorne Historical Society logo has been designed using the lettering of the word ‘Lorne’ to illustrate the Lorne bridge and is centred within four corner lines (like looking though the view finder of a camera) to represent the extensive photographic collection of the Lorne Historical Society. The logo has been designed to work effectively in small or large sizes and on merchandise such as t-shirts and caps. The logo features the selection of two clean and classic typefaces that bring both a modern feeling to the design and also a respect for the historical and traditional.

This logo features a simplistic illustration of the well known Lorne Bridge – a symbol that the local community can quickly identify with. In addition, visitors and tourists to Lorne will also easily recognise the popular landmark as one of historical significance for the people of Lorne.  Martlette is proud to have also designed the Lorne Historical Society responsive website.


Designed for Goop Digital Geelong