Hardies Hill Wholefoods


Hardies Hill Wholefoods source ethical, certified organic and biodynamic products from Australia and around the world and provide a great selection of products for mindful consumers who do not compromise on nutrition or the environment.  Hardies Hill Wholefoods products are available regularly at local farmers’ markets in the Ballarat and Golden Plains Shire regions.

Martlette was delighted to work with Hardies Hill Wholefoods and an original sketch of the unique tree that grows on the Hardies Hill Wholefoods property, to create artwork that communicated a commitment to wholefood products, sustainability and quality.


The final Hardies Hill Wholefoods logo is a true representation of an old tree that grows on the Hardies Hill Wholefoods property, complimented by the hand drawn style of the typeface and simple lines.  All elements come together to provide a unique and recognisable visual identity for Hardies Hill Wholefoods.