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Less is ALWAYS more…

3 March 2017

Your audience only has so much time and attention to dedicate to your brochure, website, poster or marketing collateral.  Whether your graphic design is creating your print ad designs, stationary or or business brochure, less is ALWAYS more. Your message and brand design needs to clean and pack some punch to get noticed and the way to do this is “keep it simple”.

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Your Geelong graphic designer asks “Does your Logo Design need a refresh?”

5 February 2017

If your business is considering a new website or polishing up some of your marketing collateral, we here at Martlette believe that this is the perfect time for you to consider a review of how well your logo and overall visual brand is performing.   A great logo can last over many years, but even the most iconic brands need a refreshed design sometimes.

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Choosing Colours

28 January 2017

The corporate colour scheme you choose makes a strong statement about your company, and how it does business.

Studies have shown that colour increases brand recognition by up to 80%. This is because colour stimulates the memory, and is very effective when combined with a recognizable shape or symbol.

Since you’re more likely a business person than an artist, here are some helpful tips on picking the right palette for your logo.

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Business Card Design Inspiration – from your Graphic Designer in Geelong

10 December 2016

At Martlette, we bring the most imaginative and creative designs to life to make sure your business stands out.

One of the most essential tools for promoting your business when meeting with prospective clients ‘face to face’ is your business card.  We believe that the design and print quality of your business card is what makes your first impression count. What impression are you making on potential customers when you give them your business card?

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Geelong Graphic Designer’s guide to typefaces and fonts

20 November 2016

The words ‘font’ and ‘typeface’ are often used interchangeably, but mean different things to your average graphic designer.

A typeface is the creative design of lettering and symbols in a particular style or theme. A font is the vehicle that delivers this artwork to your desktop for use.

Your logo artwork files provided by your graphic designer should include a Style Guide for you to reference when needing guidance on using your logo artwork and associated typefaces. Details about the font used to create your logo and guidance on what secondary fonts should used, may also be included.

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