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Ditch DIY – Why Smart Tradies value professional Graphic Design and Marketing

7 April 2019 Graphic Design for trades Geelong

Long gone are the days when a tradesperson could rely on a Yellow Pages ad and a few notices in local classifieds to attract business. Like any other businessperson, successful tradies understand the need to present a professional image.

The ‘do-it-yourself’ approach won’t get the results you’re after. You can’t rely on a cut-price logo bought from an online site; a business card design that looks like everyone else’s; and a website scraped together from a brochure and a few stock photos.

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Your EDM and Email Template Designer in Geelong

30 May 2018

You’ve heard that your best source of new business is in your loyal, existing customer base.  And your business has most likely collected your customer contact details and email addresses.  All you need now is an eye catching, show stopping EDM or email template design and you are ready to get your marketing messages into your customer’s email inboxes!

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Boost your business profile with Geelong website design

17 July 2017 Move Athletica Website Design

Effective, professional and appealing website design with Martlette

Websites are no longer an option, but are a necessity for any business. No matter how small or large your aspirations are, you need a strong online presence if you want to be successful. For professional website design in Geelong, you can’t go past the proven expertise of the team at Martlette.

As graphic designers, we believe the ‘visual’ aspect of a website is imperative – ensuring your website stands out and leaves a positive impression.

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Graphic design for holiday marketing – is your Geelong business prepared?

27 November 2015 Christmas

Baubles and tinsel are out in force, carols are pumping through retail stores and it’s beginning to sound a lot like Christmas across Geelong region. So how prepared is your business? Do you need a little help in the area of graphic design when it comes to effective marketing over the festive season?

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Geelong website design goes responsive

30 October 2015


geelong website design

As more people switch to mobile devices to access the internet, it’s becoming increasingly important for Geelong businesses to make sure they embrace responsive website design.

A responsive website is all about optimising the experience for users, regardless of the device they’re searching on. It allows people to view and navigate their way through a site easily without having to constantly pan, scroll and resize the pages whether they are on a smart phone, a tablet or a laptop. And that’s great news for the user. It’s also great news for the business because it means those accessing their site on mobile devices won’t head to a competitor through pure frustration.

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