Monthly Archive: August 2018

Authentic Images vs Stock images

15 August 2018

Authentic Images vs Stock images. Can we use both?

Next time you are chatting with your graphic designer or website designer about the images you would like to use on your website or promotional materials, first ask yourself this simple question…

What do we want the image or photograph to SAY to our audience?

When it comes to the photography and imagery you use in printed and online promotional materials for your business, it’s not so much about having images, as it is about making sure those images to give the audience a sense of authentic meaning & true brand message.

In a world where sites like Pinterest, Esty and Instagram continue to grow in popularity, we are learning that high quality images that communicate “real” meaning to our audience are highly valued, trusted and encourage purchasing behaviour.

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How to choose the perfect Graphic Designer for your Geelong business

2 August 2018

Finding the perfect Graphic Designer can feel overwhelming, especially when there are so many Graphic Designers in Geelong to choose from and all with such diverse backgrounds and skills.

Achieving a strong fit between your business and your graphic designer can make all the difference to the design of your visual brand and collateral.

Here are our top 10 tips for finding a perfect fit between your business and your graphic designer:

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