2017 Melbourne Cup Sweep Kit

5 November 2017 2017 Melbourne Cup Sweep Template

On the first Tuesday of November, the ‘race thats stops the nation’ appears on television screens across thousands of offices, schools and households at 3.00pm to watch 24 horses race to the finish line at Flemington.

The Melbourne Cup has long been celebrated by Australians with everyone putting down their tools, turning the phones to message bank, putting on a chicken and champagne lunch and of course, the running of a Melbourne Cup Sweep.

A sweep is when a group of people randomly draw a horse that will be in the race and the person that chooses the winner, will often win a prize.  There are many variations to how you might like to run your sweep.  Here are a few tips for running your 2017 Melbourne Cup Sweep.

How many people do I need to run a sweep?

The Melbourne Cup has 24 horses racing, but you do not need to have 24 people for the sweep to be run.  If you have less than 24 people, more horses are assigned to each person.   If you have more than 24 people, then more than one sweep can be run (print out as many copies of our Sweep Template as you need to ensure everyone has at least one horse).

Getting started..

Firstly, you need to decide if you will awarding the winner a cash prize or something else as a prize for first, second and third place.  Often a sweep involves everyone paying between $1-$10 per horse drawn – giving a total prize pool of between $24-$240 to divide up between the first, second and third place winners.

The prize pool may be divided up as follows:

  • Winner receives 50% of the total prize pool
  • Second place gets 30% of the total prize pool
  • Third place gets 20% of the total prize pool

Some sweeps only have one winner in which the winner receives the total prize pool.

If you would rather not make your sweep about winning cash, you might have prizes like a box of chocolates, dinner for two at a local restaurant, a pamper pack from a local day spa etc..  Sometimes last place is awarded the wooden spoon prize or a funny item, which is always great for a laugh too.

How to run your Melbourne Cup Sweep

  1. Firstly, check the latest Melbourne Cup Form for any scratchings (Horses no longer running in the race) and ensure you cross these off the Sweep Template and ensure that the corresponding tickets for these horses are thrown away.
  2. Cut out the lower panel of tickets on our Sweep Template, then cut them out into individual tickets and place them all in a bowl. If you have more than 24 people in your sweep, print out more so that there are enough tickets to go around for everyone.
  3. Invite everyone to draw one or more tickets from the bowl.  Ask them what horse they drew and note this on the Sweep Template in the ‘drawn by’ section, so that you have a record of each person’s horse.
  4. The Melbourne Cup runs at exactly 3pm, so make sure you have the television ready to go and everyone is ready to cheer on their horse toward the finish line!
  5. Once the race is over, you will know which horse ran first, second and third and you can award your prizes.

2017 Melbourne Cup Sweep Printable

Our free downloadable 2017 Melbourne Cup Sweep Template will make it easy for you organise your very own sweep and help your office, school or family enjoy one of the biggest sporting events of the year.  Good luck!