Stationery Design and Business Template Design in Geelong

9 August 2015


Is the letterhead dead?

Having worked with many businesses and organisations in Geelong and beyond, on the design of branded stationery materials, Martlette has created business card designs, envelope designs, with compliment slip designs, PowerPoint presentation template designs, presentation folder designs and of course, the humble letterhead design as part of many stationery packages. A branded letterhead design has always been one of the standard “must haves” for businesses of all sizes – but in this age of electronic and online communication, is the letterhead dead?

Over the last 5 or so years, we have noticed here at Martlette that businesses in Geelong are in fact still in need of a letterhead design, however not necessarily in its traditional printed format.

After all, businesses still need to send letters or forms of written correspondence from time to time – the only difference now is that letters are more often emailed instead of stamped and posted in the mail.

So, it seems that whilst the letterhead design that we used to have printed in the thousands and feed through a separate tray in our printer when we wanted to print out a letter to post – is in fact a dying breed. But the letterhead lives on!

Businesses are still using letterhead and it is still an important inclusion in the overall stationery suite designed by a graphic designer. But very few businesses are using ‘printed’ letterhead.

Available to most business owners and managers via mobile devices and desktop computers, email has become the most popular way to communicate via the written word. Often email is the vehicle for sending documents such as letters, quotations, proposals, invoices and reports to out clients or stakeholders – so we still need a letterhead design, but we are saving time, paper and storage space by not having to print thousands of letterheads for our stationery supplies.

Martlette Graphic Design designs letterhead templates and supplies them as user friendly templates for office use in software like Microsoft Word and Adobe Acrobat. The design simply sits in the background of the document, giving you the freedoms to type your written content on to the page without upsetting the template. Letterhead template designs can be either one or two page in length (or more if you require).

And if your business still prefers the printed stationery – we can still help you with the design and selection of paper stock for the best possible impression when sending your written communication.

Give Martlette a call to ask us how we can help bring your brand to life through a professionally designed stationery package.

View some examples of stationery designs and letterhead templates we have completed for businesses in Geelong and beyond. Browse Martlette’s Portfolio.