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Corporate Powerpoint Template Design Geelong

11 November 2013

PowerPoint Design Templates

PowerPoint design templates

PowerPoint has become an excellent method of presenting a product or even your business to clients. Having a professional and practical PowerPoint presentation designed will always portray your business in a better light and show your audience that you care about how your business is presented.

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Social Media Design Geelong

1 November 2013


Graphic design for social media

Facebook is a fantastic social networking outlet for a company to get their business recognised. The layout of your Facebook page can often affect the users opinion of your business’ professionalism. There are a few simple guidelines when it comes to having a Facebook page for a business.

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Email Marketing Template Design

19 September 2013

The power of email marketing


Email marketing, as a networking channel was the third overall lead generation source for marketers in 2013.

Most people are deceived when it comes to understanding the power of email marketing. Those who say that emailing is no longer relevant in today’s society are wrong! People use emailing as a source of communication everyday, so why no take advantage of its current reputation by using it as part of your marketing strategy. Continue reading

Website Designer Geelong

17 September 2013

Website design vs website development


Website design and website development are often thought to be the same idea. As a graphic designer I often find myself explaining the difference to my clients. So, what is the difference?

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Five tips for selecting images for your website or promotional material

10 July 2013

Website and Digital Design Geelong


Seeing is believing! There are a few simple rules to follow when selecting images for your website, promotional brochure or annual report.  Here are my top five tips for making sure the images you use, capture your message and visual brand.

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