Annual report design Geelong businesses need to tell their story

Highlight your achievements and make a compelling case for further support of your business

Martlette provides annual report design in Geelong, helping local businesses tell their annual story and highlight their achievements. A lot can happen in a year, as almost any organisation would tell you, and an annual report allows you to take stock and appreciate the milestones.

You provide the data and information, and Martlette will design and present it in a visually compelling way. Often once clients have seen their design, they comment on how far they’ve come in a 12-month period. Words alone cannot convey what’s happened in a year at your business – graphics, colour, images and more will provide a more substantial picture with greater impact.

Around 20 percent of information is absorbed by reading text alone. A much-higher 90 percent is absorbed when information is presented visually. And when your annual report also needs to encourage ongoing support and make a case for financial grants, you need your information to hit home.

Achievements, highlights, financial data and more can be creatively presented in charts, illustrations or infographics. And if you have professional photos, Martlette will happily incorporate those along with text and other graphics. As a prominent graphic designer in Geelong, Martlette can put you in touch with professional photographers if required.

Your annual report can be designed for print and/or online use, such as a printed brochure or perhaps a PDF to be downloaded from your website – or both!

You can come to Martlette with your ideas and needs and provide a brief or you can provide your data and allow Martlette’s creative streak to design something suitable for your business.

If you need your report to be printed, Martlette can put you in touch with quality print suppliers or even coordinate the printing for you. It is a truly comprehensive service and one that aims to make your business’s achievements shine.

Martlette has produced annual report designs for a number of businesses and organisations, recently including St John Ambulance Australia (NT) Inc., Geelong Chamber of Commerce, Borough of Queenscliffe and King Island Council.

Please get in touch for information about how I can help you with our professional design services.