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What’s the difference between a JPG and PNG?

20 July 2016 What is the difference between a JPG and PNG?

There are so many different file types out there and we know it can be difficult to understand the difference.  Which one do you use?  Which is the best file type to use and where?  Surely there is not much difference between a JPG, GIF, TIFF, PNG and EPS?

Well there is a difference and if you’re not sure and you select the wrong file format for your images or logo, you will end up with a less than perfect result for your small business. And remember, first impressions count!  So if your logo or images look fuzzy and unclear, chances are that this will reflect poorly in the eyes of your audience.

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Xero Custom Template Designs – a winning first impression for Geelong businesses

11 July 2016 Xero Invoice Template Design

If your Geelong business has recently started using Xero Accounting Software, chances are you are loving the ease of the automated and streamlined platform and its many integrations on offer.  It’s also quite possible that you have struggled when it comes time to customise your Xero template design for invoices, statements, receipts, purchase orders and quotations.

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Refresh your look with Geelong graphic design

28 June 2016 GraphicDesignerGeelong

No matter the industry these days, competition is red hot for customers and clients. It feels like new businesses pop up weekly in Geelong, all with new looks and ideas that consumers are often drawn to via either curiosity or crave for change. First impressions are pivotal, and the professional Geelong graphic design team at Martlette can help you change or re-brand of your logo and business collateral to keep up with the shiny, new business trying to swoop in on your business.

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Graphic design for Geelong new business

10 June 2016
Graphic Design Geelong

Martlette’s graphic design work for Yarra Street Quartermasters in Geelong.

Good graphic design requires designers spending time familiarising themselves with their clients – their likes and dislikes, their products and services, their ambitions and aspirations, their market and clientele. Research is paramount in graphic design so designers can create work that makes the right impression and stands the test of time.

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Brochure design for Geelong health group

30 May 2016

Martlette’s brochure design for Geelong Endocrinology and Diabetes.

There’s a lot of talk these days about the demise of print and how the print industry is on its knees. Well, that might be the case for newspapers and maybe magazines but we’d have to say there’s no truth in any discussion or speculation about print when it comes to printed brochures. Requests for brochure design in our Geelong studio remain as constant as ever and brochures and corporate profile designs continue to be a large component of our graphic design work.

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